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Hotel Isabel de Farnesio
Travesía de La Reina, 4
40100 San Ildefonso, Segovia
Tel.:+34 921 471 078
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Conference room:
This is a multipurpose room, with capacity for up to 50 people, which can accommodate any type of training or entertainment-related activity. Generally this room includes the exhibition of art by acclaimed artists..

We have all the material necessary for holding successful corporate meetings, training sessions...

The Boardroom, as well as the Conference Room, opens on to the Hotel’s interior patio. The ceiling height of the patio, open to the skies above, the texture of its walls and the cascade of crystalline water make this an extraordinary location for moments of relaxation and for coffee breaks.

The pleasant library at the Isabel de Farnesio Hotel favours moments of peace and tranquillity for our guests. A space in which to read the daily newspapers, enjoy a cold or hot drink or enjoy, during your stay, one of the volumes from amongst the very best works of fiction of all time.

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